North Lodge Park, Darlington

The bandstand was fully restored by Lost Art - see the full story below - and is seen above enjoying the first covering of snow since the work took place.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of The Friends of North Lodge Park, funding had been secured for the restoration of the bandstand and Lost Art were pleased to be selected to undertake the restoration work.

We were able to identify the bandstand as originally having been produced by the MacDowell Steven Company at their Milton Ironworks in Glasgow and we based our work on the historic documents we were able to discover.

Working closely with both the Friends group and Darlington Council we were able to produce a bandstand that has been described as "stunning".

Expert Paul Rabbitts, author of the definitive book on the history of bandstands, waited for this one to be finished so that he could include pictures in the book. He describes the bandstand as:

"A stunning restoration by Lost Art which matches my favourite bandstand at South Marine Park. You could see the look on people’s faces as they walked through the park on the way to the town centre as they stood and admired a classic creation so lovingly and carefully brought back to life"