Huddersfield: Beaumont Park

For this project, Lost Art Limited were commissioned to design, produce and install a replacement bandstand for the missing original. Unusually, the Huddersfield bandstand featured a rectangular rather than circular design and contained elements of eastern influence in the embellishments and pagoda style appearance.

Having conducted background research into the appearance of the original and into bandstand design in general, we produced proposals to the client based on our findings that would fit onto the plinth that remained in position. It was also important that the project adhered to a strict budget and while this meant that the original structure could not be fully replicated, the clients were keen that the new design should reflect the old version as much as possible.

The clients were delighted with our proposals and following all the preparatory work, such as the production of the patterns for the cast iron elements, followed by their production at our partner foundry, we were able to construct the bandstand to the agreed design.