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In one of our more unusual commissions, Lost Art were asked to manufacture 2 full size replica cannons for the restoration project at Avenham Park in Preston.

Besides looking to corner the UK market in reproduction cannons, we are using this project as a further example of the flexibility and ingenuity of the Lost Art team.

In addition to the cannons, we are also engaged in more normal activities in this project, including the restoration, reproduction and installation of railings and gates to match the Victorian originals.

The cannons had been removed in the 1960s and melted down for scrap.

Lost Art undertook to recreate two of the cannons that had originally been donated to Preston to reflect the contribution of local soldiers to the Crimean War.

Starting from scratch, we used an example cannon used to help produce drawings and patterns.

Carriage produced for the cannon.

Cast iron wheel produced to attach to the carriage shown above.

Pattern produced for the casting of the cannon barrel.

End piece pattern for casting element fitted to the end of the cannon barrel.

The cannon barrels cast and ready for final assembly on site.

The cannon carriages fully assembled and painted. Looking impressive, they were united with the barrels when they were transported to site.

Restored to the position occupied by the originals, the cannons symbolically defend the city of Preston against attack.