Compared with other foundries featured on the Lost Art site, the Baker Foundry is considerably less celebrated. Situated in Newport, Monmouthshire, it was a long distance from the Scottish heartlands of most of the major names in decorative cast ironwork. However, Welsh foundries were responsible for producing both elaborate and decorative ironwork as well as the more everyday items that provided the bulk of the employment for iron workers. Like many of the major competitors, the company also maintained offices in London, from where the catalogues etc were issued.

Founded in 1880 as W. A. Bakers Foundry, the company operated out of its Westgate Works, although the company was also linked to an ironmongery shop in the city that sold many of its products, apparently stocking everything from bedsteads to ammunition.

The company also supplied structural and decorative ironwork to local civic developments, with over 100 tons of their products being used in the building of the Newport 'Town Bridge', including parapets as well as cast light fittings.

A quick look at the Baker catalogue will show that it produced many items in common with other foundries of the time.