In contrast to the majority of the companies featured in the Lost Art Archive, the Wolverhampton based company of Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss were focussed more on the design and production of gates and railings rather than that of decorative castings. As a consequence, much of their work was focussed on the production of ‘wrought’ (or ‘worked’) iron rather than the casting of shapes form molten metal in moulds.

The company was established in 1826, growing to become a large employer and significant presence within the industrial landscape of its home city, although it also maintained offices and representation in London, as did the majority of the significant foundries.

The gates and fences produced by BJB ranged from the ornate to the functional and although styles evolved, the core of their production range and methods remained relatively constant for a period of 75 years covering both the Victorian and Edwardian periods, finally suffering a decline during the period of austerity beginning with the Second World War. By this time, BJB had been absorbed into the giant G.K.N. company where it remained as a semi-independent operation until the 1970’s when the parent company finally collapsed. By this time BJB had shifted focus onto more industrially focussed products such as railway fixings and transmission wires for electrical distribution.

Given the classic nature of the Bayliss products, Lost Art Limited reproduce a number of designs that are either replicas or close approximations of their styles. Included in this is the ‘game proof fencing’ which can be produced in a number of styles and sizes.

The estate style fencing illustrated in the BJB catalogue is available from Lost Art Limited. A classic design and a common feature of British countryside estates, this type of fencing was installed by the mile throughout the country. Lost Art Limited offer a variety of variations on the classic design and also include gates, either to standard or bespoke sizes and designs. Similarly, the hoop top design of fencing, much used in public parks, is also produced by Lost Art Limited for either supply or for supply and installation, as is the case with all of our products.