Railing Fences Gates

Estate Railings & Gates

This distinctive style of railing was once a common feature of the English landscape, surrounding farmland, grazing areas and large tracts of country estates.

Lost Art Limited offer authentic, high specification versions of the classic estate fencing and as part of this, offer the complementary estate gates, also in the classic style. Do not be fooled by low grade alternatives, as with the remainder of our products, these are produced to match original specifications and will provide an enduring and elegant surrounding and access to land where an attractive yet effective barrier is required.

Both the estate gates and railings are produced to order to meet the required sizes and configurations. As with all our fencing and gates, we can undertake work on either a supply only or supply and installation basis. We are also happy to advise at the design stage.

As with many of our products, the inspiration is derived from historic catalogues in the Lost Art Archive. We hold a number of catalogues dedicated to styles of fencing and gates and are happy to provide clients with advice on the most appropriate style for their location.