funding application support

The vast majority of our projects have been jointly funded by Local Councils and bodies such as The Heritage Lottery Fund. We are happy to work with any interested organisation to provide technical know-how and support in terms of processes and predicted costs in order to make your grant as precise as possible. Our business is based on good communications as well as the quality of our work and we specialise in providing accessible information that is produced in clear language, supported by illustrative diagrams and images, yet sufficiently technically detailed to convey a full appreciation of the scale and challenges of a project. In particular, we have worked with ‘Friends’ groups to provide assistance in approaching Local Councils as the first step in seeking funding, or with the councils themselves, as they provide detailed information to support bids submitted for match funding.

We maintain good links with experts and organisations such as The Parks Agency, Scottish Ironworks, Industrial Heritage Consultants and the author Paul Rabbitts, in order to ensure that the quality of our information and advice is of the highest order.

Northumberland County Council were preparing a bid for funding to restore 3 structures in historic Sele Park, a bandstand, drinking fountain and a small stone building. Lost Art Limited were asked to produce a condition report, restorations specifications and guide pricing for all 3. As part of this we were able to identify the original makers of both the bandstand and drinking fountain in order to provide historical background to further enhance the submission.

Since there report was produced, a funding submission was prepared and lodged and the project has now gone out to tender.

Similarly, Watford Council were looking to relocate their historic bandstand from the current location in the town centre and restoring it to the original location in Cassiobury Park. Lost Art Limited were commissioned to produce a report detailing the processes involved in such a project.

On the surface, the bandstand appears in excellent condition but a more detailed examination reveals the true state of the structure.

The need for restoration to the drinking fountain is more readily obvious.

Similarly, the need for restoration to the stone building is immediately apparent, however, the nature, extent and procedures for the restoration require expert specification.