Railing Fences Gates

Gameproof Fencing & Gates

Game-proof fencing was once a common sight in the grounds of large properties. The fencing would often be used to surround areas of delicate and decorative plants which required protection from grazing animals or more opportunistic feeders.

Lost Art offer this style of fencing in a variety of historic forms, as shown in a number of catalogues from both the Victorian and Edwardian periods that are held in our archives. We offer reproductions of several forms of each types of fencing. These are produced to exacting standards, intended to last at least as long as some of the original examples that we refurbish or replace. Our fencing is intended to be both functional and decorative as well as historically accurate and sufficiently robust for use in areas that attract high levels of visitors and usage.

In addition to offering a range of styles, we can also produce each of the types in a variety of sizes to suit the installation site and purpose. As with the majority of our other products, we can also adapt the existing designs to produce site specific bespoke products.

Lost Art Limited offer both supply only and supply and installation options on all our fencing and railings.