Railing Fences Gates

Hoop Top Fencing

In addition to the estate and gameproof styles, we also offer traditional hoop top fencing in a variety of designs. Often seen in parks and other public spaces surrounding memorials and flower beds, our product is not to be confused with low grade fencing that may provide a short term decorative function. Lost Art hoop top fencing is produced to high specifications, using higher than average gauges of iron for strength with anti-corrosion treatment included as standard and a protective paint system is used to add further durability and a lower maintenance legacy.

The following images shows the hoop top railings surrounding the Boer War Memorial statues in Mesnes Park Wigan. The decorative ironwork in the pavilion building behind was also restored by Lost Art Limited.

Lost Art Limited designed, produced and installed the fountain in Hesketh Park, Southport. We also designed, produced and installed the surrounding hoop top fencing as part of the landscaping element of the project.

Also illustrated is the hoop top fencing produced and installed by Lost Art at Queens Park, Bolton. The fencing surrounding the lake includes a number of different heights of fence panels.

All the images of railings and fencing serve only to illustrate the range of Lost Art Limited’s capabilities in this area. It is not an exhaustive list and we welcome any and all enquiries regarding the restoration, reinstatement, design, production, supply and installation of historic designs of fencing.