Hoop Top Fencing: Style No.33

A classic style of border fencing from the Victorian Period, reproduced here by Lost Art Limited in high quality materials and to high specifications.

Intended to provide a both decorative and functional surround to garden areas and features, this style of fencing appears in both the Victorian Garden Catalogue and the catalogue of the Bayliss, Jones and Bayliss, possibly the company providing the widest range of fencing and railing designs during the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In the Bayliss Company catalogue, the style is referred at as H752, which helps give some idea of the breadth of their range.

This style of fencing panel is offerd in the following dimensions:

Height 445mm, Length 1930mm

The panels are electroplated prior to painting in order to offer greater protection against corrosion and a lower requirement for maintenance as well as a longer life-span.

For obvious reasons the central upright underneath each of the hoop tops is no longer produced with a tapered or pointed top as in the original Bayliss design!