Hoop Top Fencing: Style No.34

Appearing in the pages of both The Victorian Garden Catalogue and The Bayliss Company Catalogue as Styles No.34 and H756 respectively, this is a faithful and substantial reproduction of a much used wrought iron fencing style. Featuring a pleasing, almost rhythmic pattern of overlapping uprights, this style can be found in private and public estates, gardens and parks. The distinctive hoop topped fencing could be used to surround and indeed protect areas such as borders, shrubberies and water features, as well as installations such as statues.

This version of the classic fencing style is produced to the following dimensions: Height 440mm, Length 1790mm

As with other Lost Art fencing panels, these are produced from substantial gauge wrought iron and then electroplated prior to being painted as this offers significant protection against corrosion, lower requirement for maintenance and greater longevity in situ.