Hesketh Park, Southport

The original fountain in Hesketh Park had been removed some years previously. As part of the restoration project, it was decided to reinstate a fountain, as close as possible in appearance to the original. All that was available by way of historical records were a few postcards and an etching dating from 1887, all somewhat lacking in fine detail.

As part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, Lost Art Limited were commissioned to design, produce and install a number of elements for the restoration of Victorian cast iron landscape features within and surrounding the park. Within the park, Lost Art Limited were asked to design, produce and install a cast iron fountain feature based on the original 19th century installation that had previously been removed.

Following this, Lost Art Limited sourced original components from similar fountain constructions which could be used as a basis for production of patterns for the casting of the components of the fountain. Where original components could not be sourced. Lost Art Limited used the historical documentation as the basis for wood carving of replica components that could also then be used as the basis for the production of foundry patterns.