Mesnes Park, Wigan

The Coalbrookdale Fountain in Mesnes Park, Wigan had been installed during the 1880’s but removed during the 1930’s. Phase II of the regeneration and restoration plan called for the recreation and reinstallation of a fountain to match the original.

The sister fountain, matching that originally installed in Wigan is located in Lurgan, Northern Ireland and a Lost Art team paid a visit, taking hundreds of reference images, making detailed and precise measurements and making use of 3D scanning technology to obtain important data for the creation of the casting patterns.

The data yielded by the scans allowed for the gradually more detailed visualisation of the fountain components, to the degree that the final renditions could be supplied for the printing of solid figures that would form the basis of the casting patterns that would be used at the foundry.

The restoration of the fountain involved 3d scanning of the sister fountain in Lurgan, Northern Ireland. This allowed for the production of the patterns from which the whole fountain was produced. The image below shows scanning of a bandstand to illustrate the process followed by a number of images illustrating the use of the scanned data gathered from Lurgan to build up images of the compnents for the pattern maker to work from.

The image above illustrates a full 3d image of the fountain based on the scans.

The completed fountain has drawn many many positive comments from the people of Wigan and other visitors to the park, including representatives of the funding bodies involved.