Many of the projects undertaken by Lost Art Limited involve the areas surrounding substantial and historic houses. However, we can provide help a little closer to home and our range of balconies is one such example of this. Many stylish Georgian and Victorian style houses feature decorative cast iron balconies and Lost Art carries a substantial library of patterns for historical designs. The balconies are often constructed of distinct components, the front panel, which may be straight or curved, the side panels or bars and the base plate. As Lost Art possess the patterns for all these elements, we are able to provide full replacement balconies, or restoration work where repair and replacement of particular components is required.

For those who wish to think slightly outside the box, the decorative nature of the balcony panels means that they are occasionally used for other uses for those for which they were originally intended one such example being their integration into interior spaces as decorative means of dividing spaces, yet allowing light to pass through.

The following are examples of Balconies for which Lost Art Limited have the patterns, showing them installed in their normal context, adorning notable buildings in historic areas and conservation zones.

The Ibsen Balcony

As can be seen from the images, the basic central panel can be utilised with different combinations of side panels and configurations of handrails in order to produce balconies of different sizes and shapes.

The Markham Balcony

As with the Ibsen balcony, augmentation of the Markham design with other elements in addition to the basic central panel such as side panels or different configurations of handrails allows for the design and production of different sizes and shapes of balcony.

The Stevenson Balcony

This design of balcony panel includes both straight and curved panels with the same motif, providing even greater flexibility in design and the ability to provide the most appropriate shape for the intended location.