Lost Art Limited design, produce and install a full range of signs and associated products, such as noticeboards. Whether you have an existing design, wish to consult on an integrated package of signs to cover your project, or wish to make use of our current range, adapted to your particular location, then please contact us.

The following images from the restoration project at Avenham and Miller Parks demonstrate our versatlility as our contribution to the scheme included; interchangeable fingerpost style signposts, cycle route marking signs and a range of sizes of noticeboards, installed throughout the park.

Fingerpost signs

The images show direction signs produced for and installed at Avenham Park, Preston. The style of post is available for use in all projects, the actual content of the direction indicators can of course be adapted to the particular location.


Lost Art have designed, produced and installed a wide variety of styles of noticeboard. They are designed to be in keeping with the overall theme of the landscape furnishings that they are intended to complement. The styles shown in the images are available for production for further projects but we would also welcome the opportunity to offer individually tailored products of this type.

Cycle Route Signs

A considerable number of cycle route signs were produced for and installed at Avenham Park, Preston. While the basic design of the signs remains constant throughout the park, the content of the signs is unique in all cases. The style of sign is available for use in all projects, the actual content of the direction indicators can of course be adapted to the particular location.

Bespoke Signs

We also specialise in bespoke signs. Lost Art were commissioned to produce the arched sign in cast iron. This incorporates a stylised vision of the Knutsford skyline plus a quote from Elizabeth Gaskell, author of the classic novel and recent TV series, Cranford. The quotation refers to the time that she spent living in Knutsford, however, as part of our preparations for the production of the arch, we researched the first edition of the novel in conjunction with the British Library, identified the typeface used and incorporated this into the casting. Just a small example of our attention to detail and willingness to go just that little bit further to add value to our services to our clients.

In addition to producing and installing the gate and surrounding fencing we also supplied both the brass plaque and the cast iron sign on the gate, which is just one example of the other signs we produced for the area.

We also offer archway signs in other materials – the slideshow includes one in wrought iron at the entrance to Hall Lee Bank Park in Westhoughton, Greater Manchester.

The ‘Welcome’ sign at the entrance of the Bollington Recreation Ground, Macclesfield was designed and produced by Lost Art Limited, featuring a combination of cast and wrought iron elements. The oak leaf and acorn motif has also been used to cast components for a range of other signage for the town council.

Off the shelf signs

Lost Art Limited also offer a number of ‘off the shelf’ signs. These can either be decorated to client’s requested colour scheme or supplied primed for painting by the client themselves.

The slide show includes a Dragon Bench featuring a brass memorial plaque, installed on a private estate in Staffordshire. We can either produce and affix memorial plaques of this type or simply produce the plaque. We offer a full advisory and proof reading service as standard.