Rose Supports

Rose Trellis

The popularity of treillage in Victorian garden design knew few limits and vast amounts of catalogue space was devoted to an enormous variety of designs. In choosing the design of our rose trellis, we took into account the major factors for the inclusion of this type of plant trainer.

Highly suitable for climbing roses, they will break up the rigidity and occasionally flat appearance of a rose garden. More visually pleasing than the habit and practice of supporting climbers with sticks or poles, they are highly durable and allow for greater spread and more natural appearance of the plants themselves, besides bringing blooms to the level at which they can best be appreciated by the garden visitor. Additionally, the structures retain visual interest during those periods of the year when the foliage of the supported plants has disappeared.

Hand forged in wrought iron and then copper rivetted as a means of corrosion prevention, this is an item made to last, formed from heavy gauge metal and treated using time tested methods, this is a perfect combination of classic design and methods that will stand the test of time, whilst providing visual pleasure in the chosen setting.

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