Image Bank


In addition to the company catalogues and historic postcards that Lost Art keep in their archives, we also retain a number of other types of documents that can inform us whilst planning or conducting restoration projects, or forming the basis of important aspects of our consultancy services .

The following image is an example of the sort of water colour illustrations supplied by the foundries, showing their products to the best advantage.


For many companies, an order of a bandstand or fountain represented a significant order and when a prospective customer had been identified, further efforts would be made to secure the order. This sometimes took the form of colour visualisations of the proposed bandstand in a naturalistic setting. As this was a time before Computer Aided Design brought this type of marketing within the range of most companies, the supplied material could be a lavish affair.

In addition to providing a useful historic record of the past appearance of structures of historical importance, postcards can also be useful in providing a reference as to the state of a particular location or structure prior to restoration. This can then be used to gauge the accuracy of a particular restoration.


Lost Art Limited have developed a significant collection of historical postcards, which have proved useful in a number of respects for the development and execution of restoration projects.