Specialist Items


The rustic bridge was once a feature of many public parks in the UK and indeed in the USA where they have long been a feature of New York’s iconic Central Park. However, in many instances they have since disappeared, as a result in changes in landscaping trends and in part as the maintenance costs have escalated.

Bishop’s Park in Fulham originally featured a rustic bridge spanning a narrow part of the ornamental lake. When the park was the subject of a successful grant application to fund a 7 million pound restoration, a replacement rustic bridge was part of the plan.


In one of our more unusual commissions, Lost Art were asked to manufacture 2 full size replica cannons for the restoration project at Avenham Park in Preston.

Besides looking to corner the UK market in reproduction cannons, we are using this project as a further example of the flexibility and ingenuity of the Lost Art team.

In addition to the cannons, we were also engaged in more normal activities in this project, including the restoration, reproduction and installation of railings and gates to match the Victorian originals.

Cycle Stands

One of our more esoteric products, we can either produce bespoke cycle stands to client requirements, such as those produced below, based on a Penny Farthing design, for installation in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Alternatively, we also produce a genuine Victorian curiosity, the cast iron cycle stand shown in the slideshow. Based on an original design discovered in our archive of documents, this could be the present for the cyclist who thought they had everything, or the basis for an unusual public provision.


Lost Art can produce and install plaques in a variety of designs, sizes and materials. All our plaques are bespoke and can be produced to your design or specification.

Cast Iron Plaques
The plaque shown on the right is a 1.8 metre cast iron plaque, produced and decorated by Lost Art for display in the town centre of Horwich, near Bolton.

We also produce more traditional plaques, as demonstrated by our ‘Private Garden’ plaque which is available either as a finished casting for decorating by the client, or painted by Lost Art in the colour scheme required by the client.

Stone Carving Memorials & Plaques
If you enjoy a particular flight of fancy, then the images below show our ‘Dragon Throne’ which combines our Dragon Bench ends with a slate seat and back, the latter being carved with a poetic and decorative inscription.