Bench Ends

Lost Art Limited are now pleased to offer pairs of castings of our historic bench ends, in order that enthusiasts can produce their own benches.

The castings are supplied in raw form. After production at the foundry, they are expertly fettled in order to remove any excess metal and sharp edges. Other than that, they receive no further treatment and are yours to paint, prepare and assemble as you wish.

The bench ends are produced in cast-iron at our local foundry. These are substantial items, each weighing an average of 22 kilos. They are all based on original castings from our extensive collection. Many of these are well over 100 years old and treated properly, the ones that we supply will last this long as well. Our products are not only ornamentation for your garden but also gifts to future generations.

It should be noted that, as the casting are supplied untreated, then small amounts of surface oxidation may be present when they are delivered. This is normal and will easily be removed with a wire brush or similar.

We recommend that pairs of bench ends can be used to produce a bench up to 6ft (1.85) metres in length, with The Dragon bench being an exception - we suggest up to 4ft in length. If you wish a bench to be longer than this, we suggest that you contact us in order to discuss the availability of a middle (support) castings, which is available for some styles of bench.

Delivery of bench ends is £95 per pair within the UK mainland. Please contact us if you wish delivery to other locations.

Our current range of bench end pairs is as follows:


A truly beautiful bench which offers craftsmanship of the highest standard and ironwork of particular interest and detail.

Originally produced by the Falkirk Iron Company, the beauty of the bench belies its strength. The Sunflower has proved to be a popular choice with residents and visitors wherever it has been installed.

£589.60 Pair Ex Tax: £491.34

Coming Soon


High Victorian design, featuring animals within a naturalistic setting.

Design registered in 1868 and produced by George Smith at the Sun Foundry, Glasgow.

Produced by Lost Art for a number of prestigious restoration projects.

£583.08 Pair Ex Tax: £485.90

Coming Soon


Combining simplicity, elegance and durability, this Victorian design of bench offers an eye-pleasing, distinctive and robust alternative to more obvious choices for high volume areas such as town centres and busy parks.

£533.02 Pair Ex Tax: £444.18

Coming Soon

Falkirk Royal

The bench features cast end terminals with overscroll ends & supports & pierced with scrolling foliage, hung with tassels. Examples can be seen in London's Kensington Gardens.This the bench depicted in the scene in the cartoon version of 101 Dalmatians where the two human characters first meet. Coincidentally, the live action version of 101 Dalmatians was filmed in Battersea Park, where Lost Art provided the pattern for the cast benches & supplied the wrought iron and timber Cartmel Benches.

£571.08 Pair Ex Tax: £475.90

Coming Soon


Striking figurative cast iron ends with hand chamfered oak slats.

As an additional service, Lost Art Limited can commission our decorative artist to finish the Dragon castings in a naturalistic style according to your preferences. Examples are available on request.

£671.33 Pair Ex Tax: £559.44

Coming Soon

Carron Mystery

A particularly decorative casting, originating from the famous Carron Company of Falkirk. This design was first registered in 1885. Suitable for installation in a private garden, or in a public space as part of a restoration or regeneration project, this is a wonderful example of Victorian design, which properly appreciated will last into the 22nd Century & beyond.

£570.62 Pair Ex Tax: £475.52

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